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CCTV Security

Espy Alarms Australia provides professional advice, quotes and installation of ClosedCircuit Televisions to
suit all business premises. CCTV is an effective way to monitor and record staff
, shoplifting incidents, and
detect intruders.

5 Reasons Why Your Apartment Needs a CCTV Security System:

1. Prevent crime
Criminals have been known to avoid places with a security camera, for good reason.
CCTV footage can be used in helping identify criminals and can be a very reliable piece of evidence should there be a court hearing.
2. Monitor Your Bin Area
CCTV cameras placed at the apartment bin area can reduce anti-social behaviour as well as deter illegal dumping.
3. Prevent Illegal Parking in Apartment Complex
Cameras will ensure that drivers are parking legally.
4. Assist Law Enforcement
If something goes wrong, CCTV cameras can capture activity and this will assist law enforcement in uncovering the truth.
5. Encourage order in the apartment
Cameras will encourage residents to act appropriately and lawfully.
If you need help deciding what security system is best for your home or business.
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