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24 Hrs Monitoring

Espy Alarms Australia offers a 24 Hour monitoring service for alarm system owners. Whether you are looking to monitor your home or commercial business, Espy Alarms Australia offers you a peace of mind with our GradeOne Monitoring service.

Monitoring makes the difference between having an alarm and having a security system. 

Your alarm may be triggered for any number of reasons, such as a burglary, holdup, duress, fire, medical emergencies, power failures, system tampering, etc.  Regardless of the reason, timing is important.  Once your alarm activates, one of our Monitoring operators can call authorized personal contacts, patrol guards, fire fighters, or police - based on instructions determined by your needs.


It is important to know how your alarm monitoring system will be affected by NBN rollout. Your existing telephone line will be disconnected and replaced with a new NBN connection box. This connection box provides a digital phone line as well as your internet connection. This means that your monitored alarm system won’t work properly with the new digital phone line.

If you want your alarm monitoring system to keep working, your home alarm system will need to be upgraded or replaced with a Wireless 4G Direct System (with two SIM card).

Direct Wireless is a totally secure IP wireless network dedicated for alarm monitoring only. There is no public access to the Direct Wireless network and best of all, there are no phone lines to cut.

Should you need any assistance in regards to 24 hr Monitoring for residential or commercial premises, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff on (02) 9723 3301.