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Intercom Systems

Doorphone, interphone, and intercom systems
Espy Alarms Australia supplies and installs a wide range of Intercom Systems that allow you to see who's at your front gate, providing you with advance security. 
We provide a wide range of high-quality cost-effective audio and video intercom systems from leading brands: Commax, Kocom and Valet Intercom System.


Audio and Video intercoms are an excellent way to add additional security and protection to your home.  An electric lock can be installed at your gate and connected to an intercom system which allows you to communicate with your visitors and release the lock at the gate. Rather than having to walk to the front door of your premises to determine who your visitors really are, you can use a range of different intercom systems to help reduce the risk of admitting unwanted guests.

Many of these systems can be used to communicate between multiple intercom handsets.  Some of the video intercom systems also have the ability to record the picture on a memory card when a visitor activates your intercom. 

Ask us about our selection and what's best for your home.

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